Some things you should know about me:

  • I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, OBSESSED
  • I will eat all of your nutella, with a spoon, straight out of the jar
  • I didn’t have a computer for a LONG time when I was a kid, which means I wrote a paper or two on an old timey typewriter
  • At heart, I’m just a crazy old cat lady – I’d like nothing more than to curl up on the couch with a cat (or a few), a book, and a blanket and read the day away


Some things you should know about Chris:

  • He listens to audio books while doing chores
  • Enjoys making elaborate themed meals
  • Has mixed feelings about writing in third person

Let’s get coffee!

We love getting to know the couples we work with. After all, we’re going to spend your entire wedding day together, so let’s be friends!

Let us treat you to coffee at your favorite spot (or let us suggest one of ours!) and chat about your wedding plans.

*photos of us taken in Paris are by the wonderful CarolynMarie Photography, who we are forever grateful for waking up with us at sunrise to capture some awesome memories*

Travel Dates

We’re based in Connecticut but travel often.
If you see your city or a city you’d love to be photographed in below,
contact us for a session there!


Orlando, FL January 22-28

Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico February 21-28

Philadelphia, PA July 13-16

Willsboro, NY August 17-20

Montreal, Canada August 21-26

Martha’s Vineyard, MA September 12-13

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico September 17-21

Boston, MA October 13-15

Paris, France October 24-November 3

Tampa, FL December 6-9


Santa Monica, CA March 19-22

Austin, TX March 23-24

Dallas, TX March 24-27

York, PA June 17-19

Willsboro, NY July 1-4

Amsterdam, Netherlands July 25-26

Rothenburg, Germany July 27

Munich, Germany July 28-29

Venice, Italy July 30-31

Florence, Italy August 1-2

Rome, Italy August 3-5

Cinque Terre, Italy August 6-7

Interlaken, Switzerland August 8-9

Burgundy, France August 10

Paris, France August 11-14

San Francisco, CA December 15-20

PS – don’t see your city? We love to travel, contact us and we’ll make it happen!