Best Paris Instagram Accounts to Follow


My Top 17 Favorite Paris Instagram Accounts

The Best Paris Instagram Accounts to Follow

At this point you all know Paris is my favorite place in the world. One of the things that adds some Parisian charm to my everyday life are my favorite Parisian Instagram accounts. Below you can find a list of what I think are the best Paris (and Parisian inspired) Instagram accounts to follow and why!

  1. @theglitteringunknownbest-paris-instagram-accounts-theglitteringunknownI’m starting with Emily at The Glittering Unknown because she’s at the top of the list of my favorite Parisian Instagram accounts. I was lucky enough to meet Emily when Chris and I were in Paris this August, and I’ve been stalking her Instagram feed ever since. She posts spectacular scenes of my favorite city, along with the occasional shot of some dreamy Paris food. Check out her feed for unreal colors, beautiful hidden streets, and a healthy dose of the Eiffel Tower.
  2. @louisepando
    best-paris-instagram-accounts-louisepandoLouise Pando is a blogger from Paris who posts completely dreamy French style and locations. She posts a lot of her gorgeous outfits, French style, and lovely museums. Follow her feed for all the opulence, lots of pastel colors, and beautiful clothes.
  3. @mary_quincybest-paris-instagram-accounts-maryquincyMary Quincy is a commercial photographer currently living in Paris. Her instagram account is one I was following before our recent visit to Paris, and her feed is a constant reminder of the beautiful city. Follow her for shots of daily life in Paris, full of secret corners, architecture, and Parisian sunsets.
  4. @parisinfourmonthsbest-paris-instagram-accounts-parisinfourmonthsCarin Olsson is a blogger based in Paris, who originally intended to stay for only four months! Like so many of us, she fell in love with the city of Paris. She now lives there full time, and shares luxurious locations and Parisian fashion.
  5. @saevilrowbest-paris-instagram-accounts-saevilrowRachelle Saevil is a Graphic Designer traveling between Toronto, Paris and Sydney. She shares “coffee, champagne, travels, pretty things” which is everything I love in one feed! I have serious caffeine envy for the lattes she posts, and love the variety in her feed.
  6. @juanjerezbest-paris-instagram-accounts-juanjerezJuan Jerez is a commercial photographer working out of Paris. His feed has a much darker feel than the other ones I enjoy following, and includes a lot of beautiful Paris architecture. Follow his feed for a different side of the City of Light.
  7. @seemyparisbest-paris-instagram-accounts-seemyparisA few different instagrammers collaborate to make this beautiful account full of neutrals and hidden corners in the city of Paris. They also feature photos using the hashtag #seemyparis, so there’s a lot of beautiful variety in this account!
  8. @fleurishingbest-paris-instagram-accounts-fleurishingI’m including Susan Hutchinson of Fleurishing even though she isn’t based in Paris like many of these other accounts. She’s located in PA (yay East Coast!) and is a devout Francophile who shares her previous travels to Paris as well as little ways to add some Parisian charm to your everyday life on her blog.
  9. @thefrancophilesbest-paris-instagram-accounts-thefrancophilesThis is another collaborative account (featuring @fleurishing from above!) I love the accounts with more than one person posting, because you get so much more variety. @thefrancophiles is heavy on the macaron imagery (no complaints here), and features people living a French-inspired life anywhere in the world using the hashtag #thefrancophiles.
  10. @sliceofparisbest-paris-instagram-accounts-sliceofparisSlice of Paris is one of my favorites because of all the COLOR in that feed! Paris may be famous for it’s gloomy skies and gray architecture, but it’s still a place full of colorful food and culture.
  11. @seb_gordonbest-paris-instagram-accounts-sebgordonSeb Gordon is the Art Director for Press Magazine, and Editor at large for Shooter Magazine in France. Follow him if you love amazing architecture and lots of symmetrical goodness!
  12. @linstantparisienbest-paris-instagram-accounts-linstantparisianL’Instant Parisien is an account that shares “chroniques de vies parisiennes“, or “chronicles of Parisian lives”. This is one of my favorite accounts because they really give you a peek into what living in Paris is like. They share imagery that many other accounts don’t, and are perfect if you like to stray off the beaten path. They also publish a bilingual magazine, L’Instant Parisien.
  13. @parisjetaimebest-paris-instagram-accounts-parisjetaimeParis je t’aime (Paris I love you) is the official account of the Paris Tourist Office, sharing photos and awesome travel tips for all of Paris. If you’re planning a trip to Paris any time soon, or hope to travel there someday, this is a must follow!
  14. @frenchwordsbest-paris-instagram-accounts-frenchwordsAlthough this account isn’t chock full of gorgeous images like the rest, it’s incredibly fun! I’ve been teaching myself French for some time now, and love following this account for French words and phrases every day.
  15. @vuthearabest-paris-instagram-accounts-vuthearaVuTheara Kham is a street photographer originally from Cambodia that now lives in Paris. He shares a lot of French streets and Parisians going about every day life, with gorgeous color and contrast in his images.
  16. @pretavoyagerbest-paris-instagram-accounts-pretavoyagerPrêt à Voyager was created by Anne Ditmeyer, who writes with the idea of “Travel is not about where you go, but how you see the world.” Her instagram account is full of snapshots from everyday life in Paris, as well as details about creatives sharing their work in Paris.
  17. @ruerodierbest-paris-instagram-accounts-ruerodierMarissa Cox documents her life through her instagram and blog of the same name (named for the first street she lived on in Paris – Rue Rodier.) She shares the gorgeous buildings and streets of Paris, delicious pastries, and photos of herself. I love the red lipstick she’s usually sports, très parisien!

I hope you enjoyed checking out what I think are the best Paris Instagram accounts to follow! If you have any Paris Instagram accounts that you love following, please feel free to leave them in the comments. I’m always looking for even more French inspiration!

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