Elizabeth Park Engagement Photos

Hartford Engagement Photos in Elizabeth Park

Michelle and Chris’ Engagement Session with Flowers in Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park is one of the most beautiful places in West Hartford for engagement photography. During the summer, the rose garden blooms with over 15,000 rose bushes, and the smell of roses and bright colors permeate the entire park. Michelle mentioned loving flowers, so I knew Elizabeth Park would be the perfect place to take their engagement photos!

Michelle wore a beautiful bright blue dress, that had such cool strappy details in the back. Chris went with a classic look wearing blue, white and brown, that complimented Michelle’s dress perfectly! These two were so fun to work with. We instantly seemed to get along like old friends, and of course they looked so wonderful it wasn’t a challenge to photograph them either!

Even when the rose garden isn’t in full bloom (which happens in late June), the park is filled with different smaller gardens. The heritage rose garden is where we began taking photos of Michelle and Chris, and is actually one of my favorite corners of the park. It’s hidden behind elegant stone walls, and is much more private and romantic. It also blooms earlier than the main rose garden, meaning all of the roses were in full bloom for Michelle and Chris!

After the heritage rose garden, we moved to the rose garden that fills the center of the park. Even before the roses are fully blooming, other flowers create beautiful splashes of light for a lovely backdrop for engagement photography. The soft pink and yellow blooms that had already begun in Elizabeth Park looked so enchanting with their color scheme of neutrals and blues!

The rose garden has beautiful archways surrounding it, climbing with green vines and rosebuds. It was a perfect place to have Michelle and Chris practice their first dance!

The week of Michelle and Chris’ engagement session was a very typical New England week. It had days of pouring rain, cold, extreme heat, and random bursts of sunshine! In true New England fashion, the day of their engagement session was the same. We spent the morning coordinating exactly what time it may not be raining yet, and it couldn’t have gone more perfectly. The sky was overcast and gave us beautiful soft light for Michelle and Chris. And shortly after we finished their engagements session, the sky opened up and it poured for the rest of the night!

Congratulations on your engagement Michelle and Chris!

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