Harkness Park Engagement Photos


Engagement Photos in Harkness Park

A Romantic Fall Engagement Session… on the beach!

When Kevin emailed me about having an Epic Engagement Session with his fiancee Sam, I knew Harkness Park would be the perfect place for their engagement photos. Kevin and Sam love the water, and Sam’s favorite season is Fall. They wanted a location that involved the beach, and some Fall accents like pumpkins and leaves. That might sound like two things that don’t mesh, but Harkness Park had it all!

We started on the beach where we all braved some epic winds (it was an epic session after all.)

harkness-park-engagement-photography┬áKevin and Sam wore the most perfect Fall colors, and the New England leaves were out in full force that day. We can’t help but love a good matching backdrop!harkness-park-engagement-photography

Since Sam loves Fall so much, we just HAD to do a shot with falling leaves. But what’s one to do if the weather isn’t cooperating? Make your own falling leaves!


One of our favorite things about doing Harkness Park engagement photos is the beautiful marble columns in the middle of the park. They’re so elegant, and the gardens surrounding them are beautiful.

harkness-engagement-photos-11-of-29harkness-park-engagement harkness-park-engagement-pictures harkness-park-engagement

engagement-photography-harkness-parkharkness-engagement-photos-11-of-29 harkness-state-park-engagement-photos-9-of-29engagement-photography-harkness-park

After a quick outfit change, we walked to one of the coolest parts of Harkness Park. This ancient Japanese Maple is over 100 years old! And perfect for dreamy photos.

harkness-park-fall-engagement-photography harkness-park-fall-engagement-photo-session

The most wonderful thing about Harkness Park is that the sun actually sets over the ocean. That’s something we just don’t get on the East Coast! Our favorite thing about shooting weddings in California is that the sun actually sets over the water. For our Connecticut weddings and engagement photos usually we have to wake up for a sunrise session to get a “sunset” look on the beach!┬áBut because of the way the park is situated on the Long Island Sound, you get a stunning sunset over the water. Kevin and Sam are pretty amazing and agreed to walk the beach in bare feet. The photos may look warm and sunny, but it was the end of October in Connecticut, so it was COLD!




Congratulations, Kevin and Sam!

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  1. Teresa says:

    I love the shots where they’re throwing the leaves, too cute!

  2. The lighting in these engagement photos is gorgeous. Love the natural feel

  3. Madeline says:

    So romantic! Love the diversity of place and those cool trees!

  4. Aimee says:

    Nothing beats wind-blown hair <3 Something so romantic about it! What sweet memories!

  5. Sophia says:

    The sunset, the setting and the playfulness of the couple make this truly stunning!

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