About Chris and Becca - Chris and Becca Photography


And we’re destination photographers who call Connecticut our home. We were high school sweethearts, and tied the knot in 2013! Our love for travel began when we were long distance from Boston to Philly, and we found ourselves frequently on trains and long car trips to visit one another.


Some things you should know about Becca…

  • She’s OBSESSED with Harry Potter
  • She will eat all of your nutella, with a spoon, straight out of the jar
  • At heart, she’s just a crazy old cat lady – she’d like nothing more than to curl up on the couch with a cat (or a few), a book, and a blanket and read the day away

Inspired by…

  • Vintage black and white photography, especially the work of Vivian Maier
  • New places and adventures
  • Paris and everything French

Can’t live without…

  • Espresso
  • Chris (in that order…just kidding)
  • Our furbaby KitKat

Things Chris loves about Becca…

  • Her ability to both be both kind and fun while also being strong and ambitious
  • How easy it is to make her happy… just give her a cute animal and / or food
  • That even though we’ve been together for over 10 years, I know she’s still super excited to read these
best destination wedding photographers


Some things you should know about Chris:

  • He enjoys cooking elaborate meals
  • He’s watched almost every single stand up comedy special on Netflix and HBO, and is always ready to give some recommendations

Inspired by…

  • Excellent filmmaking such as the Coen brothers and Edgar Wright
  • A sense of accomplishment in creating something to be proud of, both individual photographs and our business as a whole

Can’t live without…

  • Audiobooks and podcasts
  • Halo Top Ice Cream
  • The Internet

Things Becca loves about Chris…

  • He’s always willing to be ridiculous to make me laugh
  • His punny humour
  • His adventurous spirit, he’s always getting me to try new things
  • The optimism he has every day

Our Work Has Been Featured On:

The Huffington Post | Rangefinder | Offbeat Bride | Jet Fete | Wedding Lovely | Red Oak Weddings | FStoppers | LA Bride | Bodas del Encanto | LGBT Weddings | Outre Bride | Visit CT | Borrowed & Blue | Verily Mag | The Perpetual You | and more…


Let’s get coffee!

We love getting to know the couples we work with. After all, we’re going to spend your entire wedding day together, so let’s be friends!

Let us treat you to coffee at your favorite spot (or let us suggest one of ours!) and chat about your wedding plans.

Travel Dates

We’re based in Connecticut but travel often.
If you see your city or a city you’d love to be photographed in below,
contact us for a session there!


January 16-17: Brooklyn, NYC
February 1-6: San Francisco, CA
February 7-8: Brooklyn, NYC
April 13-16: New Orleans, LA
May 11-16: Washington DC
May 16-20: Baltimore, MD
May 25-28: Cancun, Mexico
July 20-23: Wilsboro, NY
July 23-28: Montreal, QC
September 20-21: New York, NY
September 22-25: Philadelphia, PA
December 1-8: Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico

2017: Paris, Puerto Rico, Montreal, Martha’s Vineyard, Boston, Orlando, Tampa, NYC

2016: Santa Monica, Austin, Amsterdam, Munich, Venice, Florence, Rome, Paris, Cinque Terre, Interlaken, San Francisco

PS – don’t see your city? We love to travel, contact us and we’ll make it happen!