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destination-wedding-photography-clearwater-fl-beach destination-wedding-photography-clearwater-fl-beach
destination-puerto-rico-wedding-photographers destination-puerto-rico-wedding-photographers
puerto-rico-wedding-photographer puerto-rico-wedding-photographer
destination-wedding-photography-clearwater-fl-beach-sunrise destination-wedding-photography-clearwater-fl-beach-sunrise
puerto-rico-destination-wedding-photographer puerto-rico-destination-wedding-photographer
destination-san-juan-wedding destination-san-juan-wedding
san-francisco-destination-wedding-bride san-francisco-destination-wedding-bride
puerto-rico-wedding-candid puerto-rico-wedding-candid
puerto-rico-destination-wedding-photography puerto-rico-destination-wedding-photography
san-juan-puerto-rico-destination-wedding san-juan-puerto-rico-destination-wedding
san-juan-pr-wedding san-juan-pr-wedding
san-francisco-destination-wedding-photographers san-francisco-destination-wedding-photographers
puerto-rico-wedding-photographer puerto-rico-wedding-photographer
puerto-rico-destination-epic-wedding puerto-rico-destination-epic-wedding
san-francisco-wedding-photographers san-francisco-wedding-photographers
puerto-rico-wedding-photography puerto-rico-wedding-photography
destination-wedding-photographers-fl-palm-trees-red-dress destination-wedding-photographers-fl-palm-trees-red-dress
photo-shoot-in-front-of-eiffel-tower photo-shoot-in-front-of-eiffel-tower
puerto-rico-engagement-photographers puerto-rico-engagement-photographers
pr-wedding-photographers pr-wedding-photographers
photo-shoot-in-front-of-eiffel-tower photo-shoot-in-front-of-eiffel-tower
best-views-in-cinque-terre-italy-travel-photography best-views-in-cinque-terre-italy-travel-photography
san-juan-destination-wedding-photographers san-juan-destination-wedding-photographers
photos-in-paris-eiffel-tower photos-in-paris-eiffel-tower
destination-san-juan-wedding-groom destination-san-juan-wedding-groom
san-juan-pr-wedding san-juan-pr-wedding
destination-wedding-photographers-fl-palm-trees destination-wedding-photographers-fl-palm-trees
san-juan-pr-wedding-photographer san-juan-pr-wedding-photographer
puerto-rico-engagement-photography puerto-rico-engagement-photography
puerto-rico-wedding-candid puerto-rico-wedding-candid
destination-wedding-photographers-in-florida destination-wedding-photographers-in-florida
destination-wedding-photography-clearwater-fl-beach-sunrise destination-wedding-photography-clearwater-fl-beach-sunrise



I absolutely LOVED working with you guys! You made it so easy for us & gave us directions and made a process that can be awkward, very very fun!

Thank you guys for such amazing pics, a lifetime memory.

— Melissa, Puerto Rico


Being a husband and wife team gives us insight into exactly what planning a wedding is like. We know just what it’s like to get bogged down in the details of guest list, table linens, and favors. It can be stressful, especially when you’re coordinating something away from home!

Every destination wedding is incredibly unique, which is why we offer an experience created around you and your vision. We’ll share our travel expertise, help you create a timeline for your day, and find locations for epic photos.

We don’t want our relationship to end when the champagne has been popped, speeches made, and dancing is done. We want to get to know you, your unique relationship, and make a lasting friendship. This approach makes it possible for us to authentically capture your wedding day.

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Charlie and I loved working with you and Chris! You both made us feel so comfortable, especially when I was nervous how we would come across on camera. Since it was our first session we’ve ever had and Charlie is quite camera shy I was afraid we’d look ridiculous in pictures.

The photos you took are both amazing and absolutely beautiful and truly captured the goofiness of our relationship. You guys were so easy to work with and we felt more like we were spending time with friends than in a photo session!

— Lily, San Francisco


We call Connecticut home, but we’re destination photographers so we’re always ready to pack our bags and jump on a plane for an awesome wedding or spontaneous adventure. Travel isn’t just something we do because it’s in the job description – we do it because we love it!

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Travel Dates

We’re based in Connecticut but travel often.
If you see your city or a city you’d love to be photographed in below,
contact us for a session there!


Orlando, FL January 22-28

Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico February 21-28

Philadelphia, PA July 13-16

Willsboro, NY August 17-20

Montreal, Canada August 21-26

Martha’s Vineyard, MA September 12-13

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico September 17-21

Boston, MA October 13-15

Paris, France October 24-November 3

Tampa, FL December 6-9


Santa Monica, CA March 19-22

Austin, TX March 23-24

Dallas, TX March 24-27

York, PA June 17-19

Willsboro, NY July 1-4

Amsterdam, Netherlands July 25-26

Rothenburg, Germany July 27

Munich, Germany July 28-29

Venice, Italy July 30-31

Florence, Italy August 1-2

Rome, Italy August 3-5

Cinque Terre, Italy August 6-7

Interlaken, Switzerland August 8-9

Burgundy, France August 10

Paris, France August 11-14

San Francisco, CA December 15-20

PS – don’t see your city? We love to travel, contact us and we’ll make it happen!