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Florida Sunrise - Clearwater Beach Anniversary

Destination - Clearwater Beach, Florida Kelly and Ben's One Year Anniversary at Clearwater Beach and Sand Key Park Kelly and Ben were married in Florida about one year ago, and this shoot was in...

Destination – Clearwater Beach, Florida

Kelly and Ben’s One Year Anniversary at Clearwater Beach and Sand Key Park


Kelly and Ben were married in Florida about one year ago, and this shoot was in celebration of their one year anniversary. After spending that morning with them, it was so easy to see that they’re perfect for one another! Anniversary sessions (or as we call them, Happily Ever After sessions) are such a fun way to celebrate the beginning of a new year together. Chris and I love shooting them, because it’s so fun to see where our couples have been in the past year, what’s changed, and how they’ve grown together.



Chris and I didn’t shoot Ben and Kelly’s wedding in FL, but I was so happy to work with them for their Anniversary Session! We met at sunrise, which is my favorite time of day for photos despite the early hour. Especially, for popular a destination it can be beautiful and less crowded than sunset. I’m notoriously a night owl (years ago I used to go to sleep as my roommate was waking up for her student teaching!) but there’s something undeniably magical about being the first one up in the morning.

While the rest of Clearwater hit snooze on their alarms or brewed their first cup of coffee, Kelly and Ben were dancing in Sand Key Park and snuggling on Clearwater Beach.

Kelly wore a stunning deep red convertible dress that billowed in the early morning winds. She also wore a ring on her pointer finger given to her after her Great Grandmother passed away, which she wore on her wedding day a year ago. It was such a special heirloom detail to add to our shoot, to pay homage to her Great Grandmother and wear a piece from their wedding day.

When taking photos of each one of them separately, I told Ben to look at Kelly instead of me as I snapped a photo – and I LOVE the face he makes when he looks at her below!

Florida may have been a whole lot warmer than Connecticut was the week I was there, but it felt chilly to Kelly and Ben, who are Florida and Georgia natives. The wind made the palm trees and reeds dance, and it worked so nicely with Kelly’s hair and dress I loved it (I’m not sure if Kelly enjoyed the cold though!)



destination-photography-clearwater-fl-red-dressThe early morning sun had barely reached the tips of the palm trees when we arrived. Clearwater Beach is known for it’s spectacular soft white sand, and Kelly and Ben kicked off their shoes for a few photos walking along the water. One of the things I love about sunrise are the hazy clouds that usually fill the sky, making peaceful patterns and making the sunlight glow.destination-photography-fl-waterdestination-photography-fl-waterdestination-photography-floridadestination-wedding-photographers-fl-beachdestination-wedding-photographers-fl-beachdestination-wedding-photography-clearwater-fl-beach


This beautifully worn red structure was on the beach, so of course I couldn’t miss an opportunity to photograph Kelly and Ben with it. I love the contrast of bright red against the soft blue sky!



destination-wedding-photographers-in-floridaAfter leaving the beach, we stopped in Sand Key Park for a a new, unique backdrop. Suddenly instead of a beach with white sand, we stepped into a wooded meadow, and the sunrise magic created a fairy tale setting. Kelly and Ben danced in the meadow, reminiscing about their wedding day. What better way to start a morning?destination-wedding-photography-engagement-photographers-fldestination-photography-florida-red-dress-romantic-dancing

Kelly and Ben – it was a joy to meet you both while in Florida, it’s more than clear that you’re incredibly happy and in love! Congratulations, and Happy Anniversary.

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