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At Home Engagement Photography in MA


Intimate At Home Engagement Photos with Teresa and Mike

Teresa and Mike first met Chris and I over lunch where we bonded over our shared love for cats, and Mike and I probably talked too much about coffee. They told us about how they wanted to do an engagement session at their home in MA with their two cats, so you can bet I was pretty excited about that! At home engagement photos are perfect for this time of year when the weather gets colder and all you want to do in snuggle inside with something warm to sip.


As soon as Chris and I arrived we knew it was going to be a great day when Teresa offered up cookies she had baked for us (which were vegan, and excellent!) and Mike immediately asked if we’d like coffee. Their two cats, Casper and Pascal, were absolutely adorable. I had seen photos of them before and hadn’t realized how HUGE they were (this coming from a girl that used to live with an 18lb Maine Coon.) They’re brothers and both have extra toes, making their front paws even more giant. Cats are notoriously camera shy, but Casper and Pascal seemed to enjoy the attention!

at-home-engagement-session-teresa-and-mike   at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-1

Teresa and Mike’s home is thoughtfully decorated, and I fell in love with the little woodland creatures hiding in their decor. I especially enjoyed the gallery wall above their couch that featured cat illustrations!

at-home-engagement-photos at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-1

Having an at home engagement session can be so much fun. Chris and I love working closely with our couples and hanging out at home makes everyone comfortable when it comes time for the wedding day. We shared coffee and cookies, had Teresa and Mike slow dance in their living room, and did quite a bit of playing with Casper and Pascal.

at-home-engagement-session-photos at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-15 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-1-2at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-13 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-12 at-home-engagement-black-and-white

at-home-engagement-session-photosat-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-19 at-home-engagement-black-and-white at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-23 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-25


Something intimate at home was perfect for Teresa and Mike, who enjoy snuggling up with a book or spending time in the kitchen together. Teresa told me about how she loves to cook, and even broke out her collection of cook books to prove it. One of her books had a spread about pears, and when I started photographing their hands over it Teresa commented on what a perfect “pear” they are together! I thought it was adorable, and we can all just pretend I totally did it on purpose.

at-home-engagement-photosat-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-29at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-30at-home-engagement-session-photos-with-cats at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-37 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-36 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-35 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-34 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-33 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-32

We braved the cold outdoors for a few shots, and were lucky enough to even find a tree that still had foliage on it!

at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-38 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-42at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-48 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-47 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-43at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-45 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-44 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-41 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-40 at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-39at-home-engagement-session-teresa-mike-50at-home-engagement-photos-fall

Congratulations Teresa and Mike, we’re looking forward to being your photographers for your Massachusetts wedding next Fall!

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  1. Amy Smith says:

    i love how comfortable and loving they are! <3

  2. Love the idea of at home photos!! So cute!

  3. Sarah Chavez says:

    awe they looks so comfy cozy! And that tree looks awesome! nice job 🙂

  4. Sue Ellen says:

    awwww! these are so adorable and cozy! And um, I LOVE HER SOCKS! haha Fellow cat lover here hahah

  5. Nafis says:

    He was definitely the right choice for us and I would highly recommend Chris to anyone else looking for gorgeous pictures and an easy-going photographer!

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