December 19, 2017 /

NYC Engagement Photos... with Pizza!

Engagement Photography in NYC Nicole and Dan's New York City Engagement Session (with Pizza!) We're so excited to share the photos from Nicole and Dan's engagement photography session in New Yor...


Engagement Photography in NYC

Nicole and Dan’s New York City Engagement Session (with Pizza!)


We’re so excited to share the photos from Nicole and Dan’s engagement photography session in New York City! The session began at Bethesda Terrace, a NYC classic located in Central Park. The terrace has beautiful big arches and sweeping staircases, it was the perfect place for Nicole and Dan’s more dressed up outfits! The hustle and bustle of the city was in full swing above the terrace, but below is much more calm. Street performers can usually be found there, and we enjoyed some music while Nicole and Dan practiced their first dance.


We loved their first outfits, and were lucky to still have lots of greenery still on the trees even though it was late Fall! It looked beautiful with the dark green and soft purple Nicole and Dan wore for their first outfit. They also brought a more casual outfit option, an outfit change halfway through a session is always a great idea! It can give you a lot more variety in your photography, and the option to have more formal, classic photos as well as some casual ones. After exploring Bethesda Terrace, Nicole and Dan changed and we began to explore Central Park.

New York City is full of character, and you always run into interesting people in Central Park. We had to get this guy doing some amazing Tai Chi in the background of one of their photos for the funny memory!

To finish the session, we continued our walk through Central Park to Marinara Pizza on 91st and Lexington. You really can’t go wrong with a slice of pizza in New York City, and the pizza here didn’t disappoint! We love doing something fun like this to finish an Epic Engagement, especially when it’s meaningful to a couple. Sharing a slice of good NYC pizza was perfect for Nicole and Dan, who used to live in the city.

Congratulations on your engagement, Nicole and Dan! We can’t wait for your wedding in 2018!

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