San Francisco Couple's Session - Palace of Fine Arts Theater - Chris and Becca Photography

San Francisco Couple’s Session – Palace of Fine Arts Theater


Destination – San Francisco

Lily and Charlie’s Palace of Fine Arts Theater Photos


This December Chris and I were in San Francisco for one of our destination weddings, and were lucky to be able to photograph another beautiful couple while we were there. (Click to see more by destination wedding photographers) We were so happy to photograph Lily and Charlie while we were in San Francisco. Lily is from my hometown in Connecticut, which is an absolutely tiny little town – it’s always a fun surprise to find someone who’s heard of it, let alone was born and raised there. Lily had given Chris and I so many excellent suggestions for what to see and do while we were in the city, and we were excited to hang out with a couple of CT natives!

We’ve made a habit of doing sunrise sessions when we travel. I’m not much of a morning person, but I can’t deny how gorgeous the light is that early in the day. There’s just something so magical and soft about it. The streets and parks are so peaceful that time of day, while many are groggily getting their first cup of coffee or (in my case) still fast asleep.


Our first stop was Crissy Field, which is famous for it’s views of the Golden Gate Bridge. And of course, we weren’t going to miss taking photos in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s such an iconic San Francisco location we had to have some photos there!


After the Golden Gate Bridge, we walked to the Palace of Fine Arts Theater. The theater is gorgeous, and felt like we had stepped into Italy. The golden morning light reflected so beautifully off of the stone architecture and arches.


Lily warned me that she and Charlie had their own brand of humor, and it would be hard for them to be serious in any photos. We managed to get a few gorgeous serious photos BUT my favorite ones are the pictures that show them laughing and having fun together.



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