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Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums – Your First Family Heirloom

Why We Love Albums

Moments Remembered

I still remember the way I felt before I walked down the aisle. I’ve never been good in front of crowds, and my Dad was squeezing my hand, asking if I was feeling ok. As soon as my toes touched down on the aisle (and I stopped stressing out about falling down the stairs), I saw Chris waiting for me and everyone else disappeared. I couldn’t even look at Chris without beginning to tear up. All the years of waiting, exchanging notes across desks in high school and then being long distance from Boston to Philly. It was worth it.

Your First Family Heirloom

For most of our couples, their wedding album is their first family heirloom. It’s the first step in a collection of memories you’ll be sharing for generations, and we want it to be perfect!

When we got married, we didn’t get an album. We had no idea we’d never think to pull out the little usb we had gotten and re-live those moments. I’ll be forever grateful to my Mom, who took it upon herself to get one for us. It’s one of our most treasured possessions. If our home burned down it’s one of the first things I’d grab (right after our cat KitKat, of course.) We’ve been married for four years, and every year on our anniversary (or when I’m feeling particularly sappy) we pull it out from it’s place on our coffee table.

Re-Live Your Wedding Day Over and Over

You deserve to feel that love over and over. Every time you see your album, every time you walk by it’s spot on the coffee table, or pull it out to reminisce. Don’t get us wrong, having the digital images is wonderful, especially when you want to share with friends and family near and far. But having a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come is priceless!

I love pulling out my parent’s wedding album, seeing the vintage bridesmaids dresses, the amazing SILVER tuxedos (yes, really.) Seeing my parents so young and in love, before I was ever part of their lives. Getting to see photos of my Grandparents when they were young, some of them who aren’t with us any more. It’s such a special experience to share!

We keep our wedding album on the lower shelf of our coffee table, always within reach. I love big coffee table books, and it sits among some of my favorites we’ve collected from France and New Orleans. Our book shelves are color coordinated (because I’m a crazy person), with shelves for red, blue, and an entire few shelves dedicated to Harry Potter. Among the books I’ve sprinkled our favorite engagement and weddings photos, and I love seeing little reminders of our wedding every day.

Champagne Reveals

After your wedding day, we’ll come to you, bring some champagne to share, and enjoy a slideshow of your wedding day photos already custom designed into album spreads. It’s such a fun way to experience your wedding photographs for the first time! During the Champagne Reveal we’ll finalize your album design, choose some gorgeous finishing options, and get your album ordered right away. Clear off a spot on your coffee table or shelves, because you’re going to want to share your beautiful new album with everyone!

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